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As published in "Don't Look: 2022"

The Kibohn - Chapter 5

“Defeat!” flashed onto the screen as he watched his workers getting massacred in the background. Minjun exhaled deeply and slouched ...

The Kibohn - Chapter 1

The final pips were the drums of war that brought him back. Open your eyes. Ready your fingers. Jiggle the mouse...

Overwhelming Power (Part 2)

Every person with whom he ingratiated himself would have looked more at home at an upscale drag club than a science lecture.

Overwhelming Power (Part 1)

He was gonna do it. He was gonna freakin’ get it. The biggest story of his life, and possibly the world.


I could feel the crowd noise double in volume as my caravan of black security sedans rolled up to the stadium. The bottle of TeraBlu...


Kevin’s WrisTy jangled with it’s eternally chirpy audio wake-up call. “Damn thing’s more excited to start the day than I am,” he...

Melody and Alex

Melody sat in the bathtub. One arm was draped around her glass of white wine, the other was resting on the blue jeans which now squeezed...

After The Rains

Quent took a moment to stare at the pill on the kitchen table. It didn’t look like much: just a plain, amber capsule whose lopsided bulge...

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